Online Money Transfer

What is online money transfer?
Ans: Sending money through an online money transfer portal is “online money transfer”. Money2anywhere.com is UAE Exchange’s online money transfer website, through which you can sit at the comfort of your home or office and send money securely to your loved ones. Log on to money2anywhere.com for more details.

How do I transfer money online?
Ans: Log on to money2anywhere.com and register yourself, and we shall guide you from thereon.

How fast will my money be transferred through online money transfer?
Ans: Logon to money2anywhere.com for more details.

Instant Money Transfer

Logon to http://www.xpressmoney.com/gl/me/meen/send-receive/faqs.html for more details on Instant Money Transfer.

Bank Transfer

What is bank transfer?
Ans: Crediting money to your bank account back in your home country is bank transfer. We have tied up with over 150 banks for your added convenience. FLASHremit is our bank transfer service through which you can credit money to your beneficiary’s bank account real time.

Which banks have tied up with UAE Exchange?
Ans: Please contact your nearest branch, or contact our customer care for more details.

Which mode of Money transfer is better for me?
Ans: Depending on the time, your location and the receiver’s location, the mode of money transfer differs. Check our blog article on the same for more details.

How can I locate the nearest branch?
Ans: Check out our branch locator

I have some concerns over a transaction, whom can I contact?
Ans: Please send us the details of your transaction to (customer.service@ae.uaeexchange.com) or call us on (+971 600555550)

How can I know the status of my transaction?
Ans: If it is money2anywhere.com, please refer to FAQ
If it is instant money transfer and bank transfer – you will receive the status of your transaction to your registered mobile number.

What is transaction fee?
Ans: Transaction fee is the commission we charge for offering our services to you. It is usually a percentage of the money that you send. Contact our staff at the counter for more details on the transaction fee.

How can I calculate the transaction fee?
Ans: Contact our staff at the counter for more details or call our customer care.

What is an exchange rate?
Ans: Different countries have their own currency. In any money transfer or foreign exchange transaction, there is a domestic currency and a foreign currency which will have different values. The difference between these two rates will have an impact on the money you send or receive.

Where do I find the exchange rates?
Ans: Please check our exchange rate calculator.

Are the exchange rates the same every day?
Ans: No the exchange rates are dynamic.

What is goCash/Travel card?
Ans: goCash is a prepaid travel card which is ideal for anyone, who is travelling abroad, either for business or for leisure. Anyone can purchase a gocash card, by registering with UAE Exchange. The card is currently issued to all UAE residents, who fulfill the necessary identification requirements. The users can also go for a personalised card with details including their name displayed on it.

Where all can I use the travel card?
Ans: The card can be used to shop online, withdraw money from ATMs and be used at MasterCard powered POS machines.

How many currencies can I load in the travel card?
Ans: One can load up to 6 currencies from a choice of 15.

What if my travel card is lost or stolen?
Ans: If your gocash card is stolen / lost / damaged, please report it immediately, by calling gocash Card Service Centre (+971-2-6355625). On successful identification, gocash Card Service Centre will block your gocash card. To continue using the gocash card services, please request for a replacement card and activate the same.

What is procedure to obtain a travel card?
Ans: Kindly log on to our goCash website or contact our branch office staff to obtain a card.


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