Last Modified: 31/08/2015 5:51 PM
CurrencyBank Trf.
THB117.34 (0.008522)
MYR13.51 (0.07404)
HKD25.1 (0.03984)
JOD2.32 (0.431)
MAD31.43 (0.03182)
OMR1.27 (0.7869)
QAR11.97 (0.08356)
BHD1.24 (0.8054)
SAR12.37 (0.08083)
AED12.13 (0.08245)
* Rates are indicative and subject to change. Contact our nearest branch for the latest rates.

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UAE Exchange Centre offers multiple convenient options in money transfer and foreign exchange services.

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Foreign Currency Exchange is a service offered by UAE Exchange, wherein world's major currencies can be exchanged at the most competitive rates

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