UAE Exchange ties up with Bank Rakyat Indonesia for FLASHremit - the real-time account credit facility!


UAE Exchange partners with Bank Rakyat, Indonesia to offer FLASHremit services to their customers. This is the first bank in Indonesia to partner for FLASHremit. Indonesian expatriates can now send money in real time to their loved one's account in Bank Rakyat Indonesia. The service is available in two currencies viz., Indonesian Rupiah and United States Dollars.

Indonesia is the new country in FLASHremit network. UAE Exchange, the leading global remittance and foreign exchange brand, has joined hands with Bank Rakyat, Indonesia to offer FLASHremit services. Now Indonesians anywhere in the world can send money to their loved one’s Bank Rakyat account, in real-time. Bank Rakyat is the first bank in Indonesia to provide FLASHremit services.

Indonesia will be the latest name in the FLASHremit’s list of countries including Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, Philippines, Nepal and Sri Lanka.

Famed for its ardent customer service and trustworthiness, UAE Exchange serves over 4 million customers, worldwide. This widest globally networked remittance brand has close to 700 branches in 30 countries. Its strong correspondent banking relationship with over 150 leading global banks adds to the might.

More than 8,000 professionals from over 40 nationalities, strive to achieve excellence and bring delight to customers, worldwide. This penchant for quality has won the ISO certified brand many global awards for quality & business excellence, and earned the trust of customers, partners and regulators alike, thus getting the acclaim as the World’s Trusted Money Transferrer.

PT. Bank Rakyat Indonesia (Persero) Tbk. has been serving the customers since 1895. Bank Rakyat Indonesia kept the commitment to prioritise customer satisfaction, throughout the services of more than 7,000 real time online operational network offices. BRI is the biggest and widest operational network in Indonesia. Well known for the strong tradition of SME Business now BRI also have a strong existence for International Business throughout the support of six representative offices abroad. Receiving both prestigious National and International Awards, such as in 2011 BRI was the only Indonesian Bank listed on the top 200 of the world’s 500 most valuable banks in the world with brand value worth at US$ 682 Million and The only Indonesian company listed amongst top 50 top rank companies in Asia by Asian Fabulous 50 in 2009.