Conveniently located branches with customer-friendly working hours
Centralised dealing with Cash Processing Centre (CPC) handling multiple currencies
Home grown technology and support systems for added reliability
Most favoured among global business brands, in the world of partnerships
Top on customer satisfaction charts
One of the most diversified product ranges in the industry
Winner of many global business & quality awards
One of the leading employment destinations in remittance
Over three decades of service excellence
Direct operations spanning five continents with over 700 direct offices
6% - Our market share of global remittance business
Correspondent bank network covers over 150 leading global banks
Over 9,000 people employed worldwide
Workforce diversity of over 40 nationalities
The first exchange house to get the coveted SWIFT membership
More than 6.5 million registered customers worldwide
Global net worth of more than US$ 300 million
Principal membership of MasterCard