Customer Service Charter


This Customer Service Charter sets out our commitment to deliver the highest standard of customer service to our customers. It outlines the type of service, we will endeavor to provide and the various channels for customers to share their feedback.

This Customer Service Charter is for information purpose only and not intended to, and does not, create any legal binding or obligations.

Key Principles
We will continuously work towards improving the standards of service and our relationship with our customers will be guided by the following key principles.

i. Our products and services comply with relevant laws and regulations of the UAE as well as laws and regulations of the beneficiary country.

ii. We will endeavour to explain and help customers to understand the benefits of our products and services, how they work, and the risks involved.

i. We will be fair and reasonable to our customers in a consistent and ethical manner.
ii. We will establish clear service standards for our customers. For enquiry or feedback, please visit 
iii. We will not discriminate against age, gender, race or religion and will make available products and services on the same terms to every customer.

i. We will treat customers’ personal information as private and confidential, while ensuring the safety and security of the usage of this information.

i. We will co-operate as an industry so that customers enjoy secure and reliable service and products they can trust.

i. We will provide clear, relevant and timely information to help customers make decisions about our products and services. Where applicable, relevant documents including terms and conditions will be made available to our customers, on request.
ii. We will keep customers informed of available products and services through various channels (eg: Internet, Media, Telephone, e-mail, SMS, at our branches, flyers etc.) of available products and services. Customers may contact us through any of our channels with their feedback and enquires and we will ensure timely response to the same.


If you have enquires, concerns or comments, please get in touch with us through any of the following channels:

Customer Touch Points:

- Customer Care Centre: 600 555 550

- Email:

- Fax: 04-3530200

- Website:

- SMS: 6000 ( Both Etisalat & Du numbers)

- Suggestion Forms: Available at our branches across the UAE.


Please feel free to write to us at:

Customer Service Department,
UAE Exchange Centre LLC | Country Head Quarters
P.O. Box 234566, Level 3, Al Mansoori Building,
Damascus Road, Al Qusais, Dubai, United Arab Emirates