Qatar-UAE Exchange ties-up with ITL

Gold Card and Club Exclusive card holders of Qatar - UAE Exchange are eligible for gift vouchers from ITL that can be redeemed at any Qatar-UAE Exchange Branch.

Qatar-UAE Exchange and ITL Travels recently entered into an agreement to provide three, free Vouchers to Gold Card and Club Exclusive customers who purchase air tickets through ITL. This offer is applicable every time a Gold Card and Club Exclusive Customer buys an air ticket via ITL.

As per the agreement, the vouchers can be used at any Qatar-UAE Exchange branch and will be valid in ITL till 20/12/2015. Moreover, the coupons will waive the QAR 15 service charge.

Mr. Edison Fernandez, Country Head – Qatar-UAE Exchange, said on the occasion, “UAE Exchange firmly believes in going that extra mile to create a memorable customer experience. In this regard, we have strategically tied-up with ITL Travels to offer our customers value added services.”

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Qatar-UAE Exchange ties-up with Galaxy Sport, Reebok, and Anta & Billabong to offer exciting discounts

Gold Card customers and Club Exclusive card holders of Qatar - UAE Exchange are eligible for a 15% discount at Galaxy Sports, Reebok, Anta & Billabong stores.

Gold Card and Club Exclusive card holders of Qatar-UAE Exchange can now avail 15% discount at Galaxy Sport, Reebok, Anta & Billabong stores in Qatar. The remittance major recently signed the agreement with Transind Galaxy Sports Stores in this regard.

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UAE Exchange announces winners for its Cricket contest

Cricket is a passion for many but for the winners or UAE Exchange Cricket Contest, it is a obsession. Their immense knowledge about the game has won them exciting electronic gadgets including laptop, ipad, mobile phone, smart watches and more. The contest, which was open from 14th February to 30th March, 2015, saw active participation and an overwhelming response. To participate cricket enthusiasts had to fill in the necessary contact details and answer five questions about cricket correctly.

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