Propelling Your Business through Customised Solutions

Armed with unmatched financial sector experience, we support our corporate clients by providing best-in-class, comprehensive products and services that are created to offer convenience, add value and make money transfers easier. Over the years, we have perfected our service delivery and transaction processing to ensure seamless experience while ensuring compliance with Australian and global regulations. We have strict AML/CFT policies and adequate controls to protect the privacy of our client information and business-in-confidence documents.

We offer the following financial solutions that help transfer money with ease and convenience.
  • Wholesale Foreign Currency Solutions
  • International Business Payments
Wholesale Foreign Currency Solutions:

Are you an Exchange House in need of wholesale foreign currency?
No better place to get the best exchange rates on foreign currency services in Australia than UAE Exchange. We provide wholesale Currency Exchange services to a range of customers including, financial institutions, banks and commercial businesses. Benefits of buying Wholesale Currency from us:

  • Personalised customer service
  • Convenience and reliability
  • Cost savings through competitive exchange rates
  • Streamlined ordering and processing system
  • Delivery to your door within 24 hours (we also provide same day delivery)
  • No contract
  • Buy or Sell over 60+ currencies
  • No commission or Fees

International Business Payments:
For seamless International Corporate Payments
Using extensive knowledge and experience, combined with state-of-the-art transaction processing systems UAE Exchange is pleased to offer Business-to-Business international Money Transfer services to Corporate Clients. We use direct correspondent banking relationships and our membership within SWIFT enables secure and reliable funds transfer across the world. Making business payments to your clients overseas should never cost your business more than it should. With our global network and expertise, we offer value-for-money funds transfer.

  • Competitive foreign currency exchange rates
  • Minimal transfer charges
  • Cost effective post transaction support
  • Value-for-money savings

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