600th branch in the global network opened, strengthening the position of UAE Exchange as the largest globally networked remittance brand in the world.

“600th door of convenience is now open for our customers!”, exclaimed Mr. Y. Sudhir Kumar Shetty, COO – Global Operations, UAE Exchange. He was speaking on the occasion of the inauguration of the 600th branch of UAE Exchange, globally, in Dubai. The leading global remittance and Foreign Exchange brand operates in five continents across the globe.


“Our aim of becoming the trusted neighbourhood brand has reached a new milestone. We have been incessantly spreading our network, worldwide, to get as closer to our customers as possible. Our standardisation drive has ensured that no matter in which part of the world customers are, they will not only be able to easily access UAE Exchange branches, but also experience the same quality of service.”, added Mr. Sudhir Shetty.

Mr. Promoth Manghat, Vice President – Global Operations, UAE Exchange, said, “We continue our lead in being the largest globally networked remittance brand in the world. All our operations in 30 countries, across five continents, are constantly on the task of strengthening the network in their respective regions, which snowballs into one movement towards our aim of being the trusted neighbourhood brand for over 3.5 million customers and their dear ones, worldwide. In the process, we contribute to around 6% of the global remittance volume.”

Mr. Gopakumar Bhargavan, Chief Marketing Officer, UAE Exchange, said, “UAE Exchange started as a single branch in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Today we have grown into a global brand with a wide network of branches in 30 countries, across five continents. The new milestone is part of our drive to spread its footprints globally. From North America to Oceania, we have built and spread the culture of quality, bringing value to customers and partners, worldwide.”

Recently UAE Exchange expanded its network in Asia, Africa and Europe by commencing operations in China, Malaysia, Ireland, Botswana, Seychelles, Kenya and Morocco.

UAE Exchange offers technologically backed high quality services like Xpress Money, the favourite global instant Money Transfer service with over 135,000 payout locations in more than 125 countries; FLASHremit, the real-time bank account credit service;, the convenient Online Money Transfer portal by which money can be sent to any corner of the world in just a few clicks from an internet environment anywhere; Smart Pay, the leading payroll solution; gocash, the prepaid travel card; and XPay, the online bill payment service using mobile phone. UAE Exchange is also a leading agent for Western Union in the Middle East and for MoneyGram in other countries. These popular services have made UAE Exchange, a true financial supermarket.

UAE Exchange is a brand, which is famous for its quality consciousness. This virtue has not only brought quality services for its customers, earning their trust, but has also won the brand many awards from various quarters.