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Cash Passport – Multi Currency Travel Card

For a Hassle-Free Globetrotting Experience…

UAE Exchange’s Cash Passport is a prepaid travel card that you can use for your spending needs abroad and in Australia. Cash Passport saves cardholder’s money from exchange rate fluctuations and is usable at all ATMs, and physical and virtual sales locations, supporting MasterCard.

A prepaid card, available in different foreign currencies, gives you easy swipe-spend convenience when you are abroad. You don’t need to have a bank account or worry about going overboard with your spending because you get to spend only the amount on the card. You can always reload when you want money. Prepaid cards are also better at safety as you wouldn’t have to reveal sensitive financial information.

But, what if you can get more cost-savings, more security and more added benefits from your prepaid card?

UAE Exchange offers Cash Passport, a prepaid travel card that you can use as foreign currency on your tours abroad and as local currency too. Whether you are using Cash Passport for your business or leisure trips abroad, or for your daily local spending, a range of benefits awaits you:

  • Travel light and safe with Cash Passport without the worry of your cash being stolen. Swap the inconvenience of having to visit a branch or agent to encash your traveller’s cheques with the load-and-spend convenience of Cash Passport.
  • Cash Passport is available in 9 currencies. This multi-currency is extremely beneficial if your work or leisure requires you to travel to multiple countries consecutively. Cash Passport supports the following currencies:
    • AUD – Australian Dollar
    • USD – US Dollar
    • EUR – Euro
    • GBP – British Pound
    • NZD – New Zealand Dollar
    • HKD – Hong Kong Dollar
    • SGD – Singapore Dollar
    • JPY – Japanese Yen
    • CAD – Canadian Dollar

Cash Passport automatically chooses the currency applicable to the country, at the time of spending.So, you save time and efforts at billing counters.

  • Experience substantial cash benefits with Cash Passport’s locked-in exchange rate feature. You will not lose money anymore to exchange rate fluctuations when spending money abroad. Cash Passport locks-in the prevailing exchange rate the instant you load a foreign currency. You could also lock your foreign currency at the best rate and use Cash Passport for later spending.
  • Use Cash Passport almost anywhere. Cash Passport is acceptable in any of the millions of ATMs and purchase points worldwide (physical and virtual) supporting MasterCard.
  • Save huge in terms of card fees. There is no initial fee for loading a foreign currency. Cash Passport doesn’t attract international ATM fees either,unless the ATM operator charges such fees. There are no hidden charges.
  • Be assured of your card safety with the high-end safety offered by Cash Passport’s Chip and PIN protection.You get a backup card at the time of purchase, which you can useif you lose the first card. A 24x7 customer service team is available to support you.
  • Reload Cash Passport online,conveniently from wherever you are, without having to visit any branch or agent office.
  • Be supported by Cash Passport’s fee-free 24x7 global customer service

Visit any of the widely-networked UAE Exchange branch to purchase Cash Passport.Make a cash payment in Australian Dollar (AUD) (in equivalent amount for foreign currencies) at our counters to get your Cash Passport.