UAE Exchange and VISA jointly launch the VISA Money Transfer Promotion in UAE

Make a transfer and get guaranteed rewards with the first three transactions

Take home Etisalat recharge voucher worth AED 25, a Spark MP3 player and a Samsung E2550 mobile

Money Majlis 2010 — 4th Fortnightly Draw


Money Majlis 2010 — Fourth Fortnightly Draw
Draw conducted on : 24 October 2010
Coupon No Customer Name Winning Prize
05328310375877 Divakaran Nair  Ranjith INR : 5000.000
10210292678023 Aziz Hasan Md  Isahaq BDT : 3000.000
24329010782704 Abdul Jabbar  Sarwar PKR : 10000.000
08328910440632 Johnson Kochery  Raphael INR : 10000.000
41328210762288 Mohamed Sulthan  Shahul INR : 3000.000
17329010594559 Mokamil Khan Bacha Khan LKR : 6025.000
10210286169762 Abu Bokor Yead Ullah  Yead Ullah BDT : 10000.000
10310288157296 Sasankan Damodharan   Damodharan AED : 500.000
10210289240819 Abdul Rahman Valiya Valappil INR : 10000.000
10210283975209 Julius Barreno  Lozares PHP : 1500.000
10210293767883 Mohammed Anowar  Hossain BDT : 10000.000
64328710560144 Kithsiri Bandara  W Panditharathna LKR : 10000.000
10210285056270 Amin Manzoor  Chaudhry Manzoor Ahmad PKR : 10000.000
10210289457331 Mohamed Fareen Mohamed LKR : 8405.000
10210289944268 Marites Gerona  Macrohon PHP : 5000.000
25328210303446 Mankaji  B K NPR : 10000.000
10210293980675 Muhammad  Aslam PKR : 4000.000
84328310333404 Koopadira Machaiah Chengappa INR : 5000.000
10210283266224 Thomas Denoy  Chittilapilly INR : 1500.000
39328510757943 Kul Keshar  Poudel NPR : 9433.000
38328010705641 Gamvir Bahadur  B K NPR : 9628.000
10210287969044 Wilfredo Balmes  Mangibunong PHP : 5500.000
10210279133969 Mohammed Hamed Ali Siddiqui INR : 10000.000
03310289673187 A.Z.M Omar Faruk AED : 265.000
12328910610226 Preeti Abraham INR : 5000.000

UAE Exchange launches Bijoy Utsav Promotion 2010

UAE Exchange launches Bijoy Utsav Promotion 2010

UAE Exchange, the leading global remittance and Foreign Exchange brand, based in the UAE, has launched the 2010 edition of its popular promotion Bijoy Utsav, offering customers, who send money to Bangladesh, during the promotion period, cash prizes worth up to BDT 2,000,000.

All customers, who send money through any of the UAE Exchange branches in the UAE to Bangladesh (from 18th November, 2010 to 16th January, 2011) will be eligible for the electronic draws automatically. This 60-day promotion includes eight weekly draws and one mega draw. A total of 303 winners will be announced, of which 300 winners would be picked during the weekly draws. Every week, a set of 75 winners would be picked, who would get Microwave Ovens, Digitron Mixer Grinders, DVD Players, Torches and more or get their transaction amount back, up to a maximum of BDT 10,000 each. The Mega Draw would be held at Dubai on Monday, 18th January, 2011, where the first prize winner would walk away with BDT 500,000; the second prize winner with BDT 300,000 and the third prize winner with BDT 200,000 respectively.

Y Sudhir Kumar Shetty, COO - Global Operations of UAE Exchange, said: “We are extremely delighted to introduce this special cash bonanza for our customers on the occasion of Bijoy Utsav. Over the last few years, we have received overwhelming response for Bijoy Utsav promotion from our customers and this year also we are expecting a similar response. Such offers help us to raise the bar of our service standards further and give them additional value for their money through cash prizes. Weekly draws provide greater opportunities to win. These prizes are a token of love to our cherished customers, who bank on our trusted services and whose association, we nurture and nourish.

He further added: “We are extremely thankful to our reliable partners, Prime Bank Limited and Digitron, for associating with us to bring this exciting promotion to our customers. Having earned the trust and respect of our customers over three decades by providing them with unparalleled, thorough and impeccable services, we are thankful to all our customers for their continued support.”

Money Majlis 2010 — 3rd Fortnightly Draw


Money Majlis 2010 — Third Fortnightly Draw
Draw conducted on : 07 October 2010
Coupon No Customer Name Winning Prize
10210269252619 Jesus Fuentes PHP: 1000
03327810426239 Thekke Kolayath Puthiyapurayil Mhd Iqbal INR: 10000
42310264474783 Ayub Mohammed Shaik AED: 100
76310270669173 Carmel Gemma Carbon Uy AED: 330
10210270140550 Ashraf Ravaneshwar INR: 5000
10327210388959 Widanalage Manaram Chrysanthus De Mel LKR: 5000
47327510635209 Maximo C Dela Cruz PHP: 10000
65327510642548 H Faizur Rahman INR: 5000
34310274667329 Gabriel Tapia Gulapa AED: 500
10210275861715 Mary Jane Talusig PHP: 8000
24327410295910 Sebastian Maurice Ashok Kumar INR: 2500
07327110593891 Muhammad Hussain Muhammad PKR: 10000
67310267768615 Cathherine Marouez Gaguerra AED : 456950
10210272773041 Dennis Acido Garcia PHP: 5605
01327310450643 Jarnail Singh INR: 2402
08310277535881 Victoria M Madria AED: 500
21327410677265 Hayder Sheik Kashem BDT: 10000
10210266869462 Shariful Goner Uddin BDT: 8000
17326810526048 Somarajan Narayanan INR: 2439
12326910654730 Kaye Villaceran Carrao PHP: 5932
10210276962331 Rommel Castro PHP: 5000
38327010774144 Ahmed Ashraf Paddandadka Abdul Hameed INR: 5000
02327010715303 Aju Subash Babu INR: 4000
10210269068279 Zaheer Ahmed Rasheed Ahmed PKR: 10000
10210273363927 Mercenia Dela Torre PHP: 5885

Money Majlis 2010 — Mega Draw for BMW Car


Money Majlis 2010 — Mega Draw of BMW Car
Draw conducted on : 24 October 2010
Coupon No Customer Name Winning Prize
13329110735684 Shaji Hamza Poovalappil BMW 323i Car

Fill & Win Draw Results - September 2010


Special Category
Month Name Winner Type Branch
September 2010 Mr. Asghar Ali Ist Winner Masafi
September 2010 Mr. Sayed Abdul Kareem IInd Winner Al Rigga, Dubai
September 2010 Ms. Maia Aina Mendoza IIIrd Winner Mall of Emirates
General Category
Month Name Branch
September 2010 Mr. Hassan M A Albaiti Abu Dhabi Coop
September 2010 Mr. Nipun Yogendar Oud Mehta, Dubai
September 2010 Ms. Joginder Singh SAIF Zone